Tuesday, November 26, 2002

saja nak mai sini....

Saturday, June 30, 2001

cikgu berpindah sementara ke rumah kedua... jemputlah ke sana....
rumah ni tak dijual lagi... sayang, sebab ada banyak kenangan......

rumah baru : Cikgi's Journal

rumah lama : Report Card Cikgu

rumah tetap : SMKTSR dan KK ...... :P

Sunday, June 24, 2001

The ordeal is over. No more sleepless nights. No more worries. I can sleep peacefully from now on. (That is, if there is no other worry…)

The day began well. No dark cloud. No rain. Once I steeped into the school compound, my duty started. 1001 things to check and do…

Teacher, there is no mineral water on the judges’ table.
What? I’ve ordered 10! Okay, you two go to the canteen and get 10.
Teacher, the accompanying teachers are asking for mineral water too…
What? Don’t they bring their own? We are already providing them with refreshment soon…. Ceh, bagi betis nak paha pula…! Oklah, go and get 34 bottles!

What about transportation for the Langkawi people?
Yeah, what about it?
Well, who’s going to take them to the ferry terminal after the competition?
Well, don’t look at me. I don’t have a car. If I have one, I’ll be glad to send them off myself!
But I can’t give a lift to them. Let someone else do it. Why don’t we ask the Penyelia?
(Mentaliti Melayu, hang tolak kat aku, aku tolak kat hang….)

Why are the seats empty? Why are the VIPs sitting by themselves? Where are the hosts? Since Pn Pengetua isn’t here, why isn’t Penolong Kanan 1 or Penolong Kanan 2 or Penyelia Petang sitting with them? Ish……..

What?! Beef in the macaroni gravy? Don’t you people realize there are Hindus here? They are vegetarians every Saturday….
Not beef, chicken…….And I see many of them are enjoying the macaroni….!

The girl from ASMA / KOTA SETAR district wins again? No wonder la, her mom is an English teacher. She’s going to Sabah for the national level…. Lucky her.
Both girls, primary and secondary got NAIDU in their name. So, next year we know…. If a NAIDU enters the competition, then our girl stands no chance…..

Wah.. Midad boleh tidoq lena malam ni…… Hmmmm….
I’m already doing the post-mortem!

Thursday, June 21, 2001

It has been a while since my last update. It has been a heck of a week. Or two weeks. The preparation for the public speaking competition is nearly over. Now, we wait for Saturday. The big day. Let’s hope there won’t be any blunders or silly mistakes… like before… Let’s hope it doesn’t rain on that day. Let’s hope my shoes would be intact for the whole day. And let’s hope my PMS won’t suddenly appear out of nowhere….

Checklist for Cikgu
- halls prepared
- programme ready
- invitations have been set out
- backdrop ready
- judges have been selected, invited and cajoled to accept
- judges’ file ready
- time-keeper’s file ready
- mark sheet ready
- rooms have been cleaned, swept and given a make-over
- foods have been catered
- certificates ready.. on Saturday morning
- trophies collected from KSAH and Baling
- stationeries ready
- dictionaries ready
- reporters contacted
- budget ready
- baju … ready?
- banner not hung yet
- mike is working (testing.. 123.. ABC….)
- speaker is working…. ( En Azizan fell down the desk while putting up one.. a case of a wobbly leg … the desk, not him!)
- participants contacted and invited
- accommodation prepared for Langkawi contestants and their cikgi
- souvenirs for judges and guest of honour are being prepared by Pn Norma Anis, the discipline-cum-interior designer-cum-flowers arranger
- films and camera ready
- PSPN contacted to tape the competition
- belanja … kerani?
- pengetua consulted and briefed
- walls repainted
- grass trimmed
- teachers monitored
- prefects and students briefed
- midad …… in good health? Need to…..on Saturday!

And the list goes on…..
without the help, assistance and kindness of other teachers, staff, office clerks, students, JPN and PPD officers,
this event would be in a muddle….

to zaza, selamat bermandi peluh
to anak murid cikgu, selamat ...semuanya

Sunday, June 17, 2001

A penny for your thought.....?

Nice people are supposed to get good rewards. Good people will go to heaven. So we try to be nice and good. But what do we get instead? Nada. Only heartaches and headaches that keep bugging us. Should we blame God for our misfortune? Should we blame the world for forgetting us? Or maybe the fault is ours? Or perhaps we just should accept it as takdir. God’s will.

Tuhan tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan kaum itu sendiri cuba mengubahnya…. Or something along those lines…..

Maybe God is testing us; to see the limit of our patience and endurance. Or maybe we have forgotten Him, so it is time to start remembering Him again…… There should be sincerity in our work, way of life, deeds, talk, relationship, prayer and ibadah…..

If we think we are the unluckiest person on earth, then think again because the reality is the opposite. We are being selfish if we only think of our own dissapointment and do not think about others who are less fortunate than us.

A roof on our head, a meal on the table three times a day, a family to care for, a job that provides and someone dear to us….. if we have all of the above, or most of it… then we should count ourselves very, very lucky…. Because there are others who will envy what we have in our life…..

This is my opinion. It may not reflect yours. We should be happy with that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

June is a busy month for me….

After all the weddings and report cards (students’) to fill, there’s more waiting for me…. Tomorrow is the school level Maulidul Rasul Procession. And I also need to find a slot in between the events to hold a meeting for various teachers. Let’s hope it could be done… assuming that the teachers will be too engrossed in watching the Nasyid, Khat, Marhaban, etc competitions… The State Level Public Speaking competition will be held on Saturday 23rd….. Kaluit….

The day after that is the open day… This is the third year I am involved.. and I still am not confident enough in making small talk or teacher to parent talk….

“Anak pakcik, so-and-so, tidak layak mendapat sijil SPM peringkat sekolah….. Awat? Oo….. sebab dia tak lulus BM, English, Maths dan Sejarah…. Dia memang segan baca buku..? Oooo… patut la.. dia dok tengok TV saja kot….Ada dia tolong mak dia kat rumah? Oooo…… mak dia suruh dia belajaq saja, no…. baik mak dia….”

“Anak kakak bukan tak pandai tapi kalau tengok kehadirannya, memang dia selalu ponteng sekolah… Dia buat apa kat rumah? OO….. sakit…. Ada jumpa doktor? Dia kata apa…? Sakit sikit saja tu…. Suruh jugak dia mai sekolah…. SPM dah dekat ni… tak boleh ponteng kerap sangat, nanti tertinggal banyak kelas…”

“Auntie, tak boleh cakap Melayu ka? OOO… So-and-so, come here, sit with your mother… You translate for me , ok…?”

And so it goes………..

30 students means 30 parents…..
30 types of responses and reactions……

But I do believe that parents should get more involved in their children’s education.. actively taking part or offering helps in any of the school’s project or community work…
This is what I saw in England….

Tiba-tiba, teringat masa aku SK ST. Nicholas Convent dulu...... Menjenguk-jenguk ke luar pintu, tunggu ayah / makcik datang.....selalunya antara yang terakhir..... berdebar-debar nak tau kedudukan aku..... dapat hadiah atau tidak, tahun ini....?

Sunday, June 10, 2001

Satu Renungan.....

Pagi tadi ada perhimpunan di sekolah.Seperti biasa ada slot syarahan bertema yang disampaikan oleh setiap guru bertugas. Kali ini merupakan giliran Ustazah Latifah. Sempena Maulidul Rasul, beliau mengajak pelajar dan guru sama-sama menghayati hikmah dan pengajaran yang yang terkandung di dalam hadith Rasulullah SAW.

Salah satu yang hadith yang disampaikan begitu menusuk kalbu kami semua. Guru dan pelajar terdiam bila mendengar beliau menngupas isi hadith tersebut. Dengan bahasa ringkas tetapi terang, dan nada yang jelas, beliau memberitahu kami :

Ibu yang senang masuk syurga, dan melalui mana-mana pintu yang disukainya ialah ibu yang mempunyai dua anak perempuan yang baik / solehah….” Mungkin pada masa itu, pelajar terfikir, adakah aku anak yang baik? Mungkin pada waktu itu juga, guru-guru bertanya diri sendiri adakah mereka mempunyai dua anak perempuan yang baik? Bagaimana pula mereka yang masih belum mempunyai seorang puteri pun…?

Aku sendiri terfikir, nasib mak nanti bagaimana….? Mak sudah mempunyai 4 anak perempuan, lebih daripada kuotanya, tapi solehahkah kami…? Rasanya, amalan kami masih belum cukup untuk mak bawa ke alam sana…. Masih belum mampu menyenangkan perjalanan mak ke syurga….. Tiba-tiba, di bawah matahari pagi yang panas, aku menjadi sebak….

Dan aku sendiri ..nanti, bagaimana………?